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Black Banishing, endings, grounding, meditation, protection 
Blue Friendship, harmony, inspiration, sincerity, spirituality, understanding, wisdom
Brown Animals, earth energy, grounding
Green Abundance, employment, financial matters, money, prosperity, success
Orange Encouragement, justice, legal matters, luck, prosperity
Pink Affection, friendship, happiness, relaxation
Purple Meditation, mental healing, personal growth, psychic abilities, spirituality, tranquility
Red Courage, love, passion, sexuality, strength, vitality
White Any magick, lunar energy, peace, purity, spirituality
Yellow Communication, concentration, confidence, happiness, learning, mental abilities


Day of Week   

Magickal Correspondence

Monday Astral work, dreams, family, intuition, lunar energy, Moon,psychic abilities, spirituality
Tuesday Action, anger, courage, energy, independence, Mars, strength
Wednesday Addiction, communication, creativity, divination, Mercury, travel, wisdom
Thursday Generosity, growth, Jupiter, legal matters, prosperity, wealth
Friday Beauty, love, marriage, music, passion, peace, pleasure, Venus
Saturday Banishing, elderly, freedom, lost items, obstacles, protection, Saturn
Sunday Healing, health, hope, individuality, joy, leadership, power, prosperity, Sun 



Magickal Correspondences

Agrimony Air -- banish negativity, protection, sleep
Allspice Fire -- courage, energy, prosperity, strength
Almond Air -- money, wisdom
Angelica Fire -- divination, exorcism, health, meditation, protection
Anise Air -- protection, psychic awareness, repel evil spirits
Basil Fire -- happiness, med quarrels, sympathy
Benzoin Air -- astral projection, prosperity, purification
Betony Fire -- protection against nightmares
Broom Air -- used to bless weddings
Carnation Water -- faminine energy, healing, strength
Cedar Fire -- good fortune, home purification, luck
Chamomile Water -- love, meditation, peace
Cinnamon Fire -- creativity, energy, financial matters
Clove Fire -- banishing, love
Copal Fire -- cleansing, purification
Damiana Fire -- love, lust
Dill Fire -- luck, money, protection
Fennel Fire -- healing, protection
Frankincense Fire -- exorcism, purification, spirituality
Galangal Fire -- luck, money, psychic abilities
Gardenia Water -- healing, love, peace
Ginger Fire -- courage, strength, success
Hazel Air -- divination, dreams, psychic abilities
Holly Fire -- luck, protection
Honeysuckle Earth -- creativity, healing, love
Horehound Air -- exorcism, mental clarity, protection
Hyssop Fire -- purification, repel negativity
Jasmine Water -- dreams, sexuality
Lavender Air -- dreams, love, meditation, protection, sleep
Lemongrass Air -- psychic abilities
Lilac Water -- divination, protection
Marigold Fire -- divination, dreams, legal matters
Meadowsweet Air -- love, peace
Mint Air -- creativity, healing, prosperity
Mistletoe Fire -- exorcism, fertility, protection
Mugwort Earth -- divination, protection, psychic abilities
Myrhh Water -- healing, purification, spirituality
Parchouli Earth -- fertility, lust, money
Pine Air -- fertility, healing, prosperity
Rose Water -- friendship, healing, love
Rosemary Fire -- cleansing, exorcism, purification
Rue Fire -- banishing, protection
Sage Air -- purification, repel negativity, wisdom
Sandalwood Water -- exorcism, healing, spirituality
Thyme Water -- courage, protection, sleep
Valerian Water -- love, protection, sleep
Vanilla Water -- courage, love, lust
Vervain Earth -- creativity, healing, love, prosperity, sleep
Wormwood Fire --  divination, exorcism, scrying
Yarrow Water -- banishing, love, psychic abilities



Magickal Correpondences

Amber Fire -- magickal workings, protection, solar energy
Amethyst Air -- astral work, dreams, imagination, meditation, relieves stress
Aquamarine Water -- creativity, divination, imagination, relaxation, removes blocked energy
Aventurine Earth -- abundance, fertility, healing old emotions, optimism, prosperity
Beryl Air -- crystal gazing, intellect, scrying
Bloodstone Fire -- confidence, control over your life, luck, strength
Blue Lace Agate Water -- feminine energy, peace, relaxation, soothes headaches
Carnelian Fire -- astral travel, intuitive talents, prevent miscarriage, sexual energy
Chrysocolla Water -- emotional balance and healing, relieves depression
Citrine Fire -- new beginnings, healing, hope, increased physical energy
Emerald Earth -- communication, love, protects against violence
Fluorite Air -- astral travel, confidence, creativity, inspiration, meditation, mental abilities
Garnet Fire -- courage, fertility, passion, prosperity
Hematite Earth -- absorbing and grounding, balance energy flow, healing
Jade Water -- dragons, good fortune, health, long life, prosperity
Jet Earth -- divination, Goddess energy, protection
Labradorite Air -- spirit communication, imagination, releasing inhibitions, self-confidence
Lapis Lazuli Water -- love, peace of mind, psychic protection
Malachite Water -- business success, good fortune, accident protection
Moonstone Water -- clarity of thought, lunar energy, psychic matters
Moss Agate Earth -- new friends, plant magick, reveal deceit
Obsidian Earth -- inner strength, protection
Onyx Earth -- acquiring knowledge, endurance, hope, protection
Peridot Earth -- astral work, emotional healing, inspiration, protection from nightmares
Quartz Air -- focusing energy for any purpose
Red Jasper Fire -- blood magick, passion, protection from nightmares
Rose Quartz Water -- friendship, joy, love, self-healing
Sodalite Water -- courage, creativity, intellect, protection on journeys
Tiger Eye Earth -- balance, mediation, protection, starting new business
Turquoise Water -- divination, protection from psychic attacks, reconciliation